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The Opportunity

Many people do not know where to find the cheapest flight or don’t have the time to do so. As an expert, you can earn money by helping other people to book the best flights.

Chimpando is looking for the best experts and seasoned travel agents only. If you are relatively new to the flight search game and want to learn, we will put you in contact with a seasoned expert who will teach you all the skills you need to know. We do not want cut-throat competition between experts that result in lose-lose scenarios. Instead, there are incentives to guarantee that superior skill is rewarded.

The Benefits

A good flight expert can earn over 50€/hour on Chimpando. The best part of your work is that you get paid while improving your skills.

The Process

The flyer provides their itinerary and other preferences and you find the best flights. Usually you will compete against other experts and the winner will receive the fee.

The Terms

As the hired Chimpando expert, you will earn 35% of the finder’s fee. This might sound little, but in contrast to other business models, you don't have to "sell" your flight to the customer at Chimpando by answering questions about your option. Usually the agent does all the communication with the customer. You just have to find the flight and make sure it meets the customer's requirements. Your fees are added to your balance once the customer is happy and the contest is closed. Please note that it is your responsibility to comply with your respective local laws. More details will be provided once you’re accepted as an expert.

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