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    Taxes and fees on flights

    07 Nov 2017 Knowhow

    Price compositions of flighttickets are hard to understand. The airlines try to make their prices look small to the customer as it‘s not obvious how much they have to pay to the government.... Read more

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    Action against Meridian Air: Money back for flights to Cuba

    31 May 2017 Airlines

    For more than a year Meridian Air sells flights to Cuba at a very low price. However none of these flights were actually operated. Last year Chimpando booked a flight to Cuba for a customer, which was canceled. Chimpando went to court and sued Meridian Air to refund the flightprice. Finally the court ruled that Meridian has to pay back the money.... Read more

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    Money back on wrong charge by

    16 Oct 2016 Knowhow

    This post deals with a flightbooking at, where the amount that was charged from the creditcard was higher than the stated price. Though contacting the support resulted unsuccessful, we finally got our money back by requesting a refund from the credit card company.... Read more

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    Credit card fees for flight bookings at eDreams and Opodo

    20 Jan 2016 Knowhow

    The market for online flight booking is very competitive. Online travel agencies are struggling with customer acquisition as profit margins are small and the product seems to be the same at any supplier. In the end a lot of websites try to make a difference by depressing prices, which leads to a race to the bottom and declining customer experience.... Read more

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