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16 Oct 2016 Knowhow

This post deals with a flightbooking at, where the amount that was charged from the creditcard was higher than the stated price. Though contacting the support resulted unsuccessful, we finally got the money back by requesting a refund from the credit card company.

Over the last years often was criticized for their opaque business practices. This summmer the tragic death of Unister founder Thomas Wagner and the subsequent insolvency made headlines. Also the negative feedback speaks volume about's image. Generally speaking Unister websites should be avoided, especially if you possibly want to use the support or change the booking. However if you deselect all hidden costs with a watchful eye you can sometimes book flights unrivalled favourable. If you come from metasearchengines like Billigflieger or Skycheck gives big discounts when using a special creditcard (similar to Opodo and Edreams).

When Chimpando booked an international flight at in April, the final price including all costs was stated at 499.65€, as shown an the screenshot above.

Display price on states a price of 499.65€

The email with the booking confirmation also showed the right price, althoug the calculation is not comprehensible. A payment fee of 18€ apparently does not affect the total price.

Price calculation
Incorrect calculation of the total price

When we received the flight tickets, we also got the receipt, now stating 517.65€. The credit card was also charged with this amount.

We contacted the support of along with the screenshot from the booking and asked for a refund of the differential amount. admitted a technical error but refused to send the 18€ back. Thus we set a deadline for refunding the amount in question, but did not react.
In the meantime the flight already was operated, so we claimed a refund at the credit card company American Express. After a short phone call we sent them all evidence (screenshot and email conversation with Thereupon the amount of the flightbooking was temporarily credited to the creditcard.

Now it was's turn to take a stand to the case. However didn't react. Two months later, we received a letter from American Express saying that in fact did not answer and that the whole amount of 817.65€ will stay credited to the credit card.

Letter from American Express
Message about crediting the whole amount of the flight booking

Down to the present day did not respond. Most likely the matter was forgotten next to huge amounts of copmlaints, due to understaffing and overload.

Although the websites of Unister have a bad reputation they actually sell flights and issue tickets. If you know the potential pitfalls and are not going to use the support you can save a lot of money. Generally we strongly recommend to take a screenshot of the last booking step of any flightbooking.

To request a refund from the credit card company is comparatively easy. If you book your flight with Chimpando our experts assist you with the booking in order to avoid hidden costs. Alternatively we book the flight for you.

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